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ENJOY YOUTH : Album May 17th
Pre-Order all formats + Official store exclusives now!
I am so excited to finally announce that my fifth album 'Enjoy Youth' is being released on May 17th, and is available to pre-order … now!

My official store includes choice of CD and vinyl formats plus 4 exclusive limited edition cassettes…each of which features a different bonus track.

Pre-orders also come with a signed art card! 

There’s also an exclusive lyric book and some really fun merchandise to accompany the record, for those who want the full colourful experience!
The album is written to bring joy. The last few years since COVID have been heavy and hard for many, and this album is written to help celebrate the things that we have in our lives that bring us happiness. 
It is inspired by my best friend Janice, and the title comes from a night out in Paris when we were going to a club, and the grandmother of the family she was an au pair for saw us leaving for the night, and asked where we were going. When we said "a club!" she beamed at us and exclaimed ... "well! Enjoy ... YOUTH!" and that phrase made us laugh so hard, and has stuck with us ever since.
I am over the moon to have so many people who HAVE helped me enjoy youth be part of this album: Ultra Naté, Berri, Beth Hirsch, RICHARD X ... ! And people from more recently who are fabulous: my GRAMMY nominated friend Mykal Kilgore, the fab Sam Harper, my super talented multi-instrumentalist and porn star friend Jonah Wheeler and my brilliant co-writers and producers and long-time collaborators Ian Masterson, Jon Shave and Babydaddy of Scissor Sisters.
The last album was a UK #1 Dance Album but missed the Top 40, let's see what we can do this time around. Every single stream, pre-save, download or physical sale is a huge gift and is so appreciated! THANK YOU.

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