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'Dreams' is the third single from Kidburn's upcoming new album 'Fooled By The Rush Of Growing Up (2024)'. The follow up to the highly successful 'Love In Times Of Death (2022)'.

This new song talks about a rediscovered love as the lyrics suggest: 'Suddenly I found myself falling in love again'. A couple that broke up some years before suddenly found each other while they're on a Summer journey. The two lovers saw each other standing in the rain. The city and the world around them disappears and love takes over, again.

This new single features the great Max Cruise whose sax melodies infuse the song with a sweet and romantic melancholy but also with the wild strength of rediscovered love.

This single melancholy mood anticipates the focus of the entire album. The transitional period between adolescence and adulthood that every human being goes through. The theme of the album is generational changes, family, parenting, young love. A genuine 'coming of age' story that will resonate with audiences worldwide.

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