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Following the debut of his new project with 'Streets After Sundown', Montreal based musician/producer EhRah has collaborated with the incredible Barcelona group Oblique, and the new single 'Feline Funk' is the result of their efforts. Combining Oblique's natural vocal talent with EhRah's clean productions, this track melds the best of both worlds together!

'Feline Funk' is the second single leading up to EhRah's new upcoming album 'Beyond the Sky', and brings together smooth keys, vibrant guitar play, a bopping bassline, all supporting the ethereal vocal lines above them. The emanating atmosphere of the track reminds the listener of a dreamy Saturday night out in the neon drenched streets of 80s Miami. With such talent bringing their best forward, it's a single that's impossible to dislike, and sure to find itself in your vibing playlists!

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