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The story behind Moonrunner83's latest single is indeed a sad one. During production of You & Me At The Edge Of The World, prior to preliminary instrumental tracks growing into the song Brand New History, Chad Williamson and Austin Lam engaged one another on social media, sharing a mutual admiration for each other's work. Austin wrote and tracked vocals for a song he called Workaholic, working with the instrumental. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the song as it was got shelved before it was even properly produced and mixed — nothing but a demo, forgotten to the ages. The instrumental was later fully polished and produced as Brand New History with new vocals and a completely different vibe.

Tragically, Austin Lam passed away in 2022. After the discovery of Austin's untimely passing, the original stems were pulled from an old hard drive, the instrumental was completely re-recorded with brand new elements: vintage synths, orchestral strings, and Austin's vocals were dusted off to be passed through outboard gear to bring out their sparkle and shine. Proper production followed with meticulous attention to detail. A mix and master were cut and Workaholic would be reborn as a tribute to one of Georgia's most incredible voices — Austin Lam.

Keeping Austin's vocals from the world would compound this enduring tragedy. The world deserves to hear Austin's soulful voice once more in a special reimagining of a track that may have forever been lost to us all.

This one is for Austin — it is for all of us. Let his voice and this beautiful collaboration echo forever through the ages.

Release date: January 26, 2024

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