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Author Topic: The Sables  (Read 1870 times)

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The Sables
« on: 30 Apr 2020, 13:54 »
THE SABLES are an energetic electro act based in Frankfurt, that through its respective members brings together cutting-edge Moscow hip-hop and gritty garage rock from London. For their most recent recordings they have collaborated with producer Tyrone Lamar (cousin of Kendrick Lamar). Among their influences are the Chemical Brothers, Röyksopp, Massive Attack, Air and Pendulum.

Some of their most notable songs include "Right Time Is Now", a collaboration with the greatest UK breakbeat sound producer Future Funk Squad, the guitar-tinged track "Sublime", "Sublime Part II" produced by US hip-hop producer Tyrone Lamar, "Never" and "Galaxy". They have also collaborated with major bands such as Röyksopp and Athlete.

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