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Events Calendar / Saint Etienne - Live in the UK
« Last post by Pmachine on 08 Jun 2019, 16:21 »
Saint Etienne's Tiger Bay is regarded by many as their finest album. Released in 1994, it was a groundbreaking blend of electronica with traditional folk melodies, which included the singles Pale Movie, Like A Motorway and Hug My Soul. It was arranged and conducted by the late David Whitaker, who had worked with Serge Gainsbourg, Marianne Faithfull and Lee Hazlewood. 

These 4 shows follow the bands sold out performance at the Barbican Centre with the London Contemporary Orchestra in May and features a smaller, stripped back string section.

The Tiger Bay album will be followed by a set of hits and fan favourites also featuring orchestration.
Saint Etienne as you’ve never heard them before - not to be missed!!

Events Calendar / New Order - Live in Amsterdam (NL)
« Last post by Pmachine on 08 Jun 2019, 16:11 »
We're pleased to announced Stolen as support for our upcoming European tour.

Find out more and get your tickets here:

Events Calendar / Robyn - Live in Amsterdam (NL)
« Last post by Pmachine on 08 Jun 2019, 16:05 »
I’m getting back up on my tour pony soon. The last show of the Honey Tour before we start playing festivals this summer is AFAS Live in Amsterdam on the 26th June. I really hope I can sell out this venue now that I’m playing my first show in Holland in eight years!
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