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The Song Diaries is out now!

The day is finally here! The Song Diaries is out today.

This project has been completely lovely and indulgent. I think Amy Langley's arrangements are so clever and sensitive. She has kept the bounce and quirks of the original songs but added texture and romance. 

Revisiting these songs in their new costumes felt great. Some songs I haven't sung for a while so it was nice to wake them up. Ed Harcourt and David Arnold have produced the complexity of the orchestra with just the right care and we've had a lot of fun in the process.

Everyone always says 'I hope you enjoy it' when they release a new album, but with a greatest hits it's particularly true. These songs are your songs and I was thinking of how you'd hear them all along. I hope you feel each song chosen has gained something new in this process.

It's not my intention that you prefer the orchestral versions, but more that it puts the songs into a prism and you see some new colours in there. The Song Diaries - this one's for you. 

Lots of love as ever and eternal gratitude for your support. You're the best.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

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