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26 Mar 2021 - Oblique - Past Times

Past Times is the brand new album by Barcelona based duo Oblique, which drew inspiration from 80’s films like “Secret Admirer” or “Electric Dreams” whilst also reminding us that we must be aware of the present moment in a fully conscious way to not miss a thing. Displaying a huge arsenal of analog synths and drum machines, together with Sonja’s vocals and long hours watching 80s films, the band feeds on nostalgia and spreads out the joy of a decade that was a cultural milestone of an entire generation. 

 The album consists of two parts. In the first one, tracks like Luminous Emptiness, The Boombox and Written in Stone take us back to the sounds of the 80s, full of lights and end of term balls. In the second one, Black Heart, Telekinesis or The Wheel of Fortune Card take us into the world of cult movie “Labyrinth”, which transports us towards a more introspective vision while addressing the listener to discover the inner self.
The 10 tracks on the album will portray Oblique’s core idea and feeling behind the album: to go back in time to remember that first kiss, that first dance or the awakening of a first love. Past Times will make you see far beyond while you dance and dream. 

Release date: May 18, 2021

Written by:
J.R. Gonzalez Fernandez
S. Huerta Comes
L. Fares

Produced by: Oblique

℗ 2021 Aztec Music Publishing
© 2021 Aztec Records Ltd
All rights reserved

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25 Mar 2021 - H3000 - July Heat

A new project called H3000.

Before the pandemic hit, Luke Steel of Empire Of The Sun started working with producer Jarrad Rogers. They began creating, exploring different vocal processing mashed with pop writing and production, as the summer in California took off. It all ended up here. H3000 is a concept about what the issues of the heart and the heavens would be in the Year 3000. In this world Luke Steel lives as an avatar, Luke 18, along with Jarrad as MSTR Rogers.

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All proceeds donated to Asian Mental Health Collective.
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Laura Dre’s poignant, but often sexy and thought-provoking electronic and contemporary synth pop, breathes new life into the ever popular and evolving synth and retrowave scene, and indeed into modern electronic pop itself. Debut album 'Moving Spaces', produced by Robert Harder, releases through Outland Recordings in 2021.

Laura Dre’s second single follows swiftly on from debut lead single 'Moving Spaces', which hit over 50k views in just two weeks on YouTube and was also playlisted on UK national radio station Gaydio. The Robert Harder-produced number, All Day All Night, is an upbeat and sexy discowave tune, drenched in sparkle and a rhythmic bass, reminiscent of early Pet Shop Boys. Laura Dre explains, “this synth-pop tune is about having someone on their mind all day, all night”.

©2021 Laura Dre
℗2021 Outland Recordings

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