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September 2019
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Oct 1-2: Will Young live in the UK
Oct 3-5: Matt Bianco live in Milano (IT)
Oct 3: Thomas Azier live in Rotterdam (NL)
Oct 4: Billie Ray Martin live in Newcastle (UK)
Oct 4-6: Will Young live in the UK
Oct 4: Kate Ryan live in Beerse (BE)
Oct 5: New Wave City - Japan Special (NL)
Oct 5: Axelle Red live in Brussels (BE)
Oct 8: Marc Almond - Live in Hengelo (NL)
Oct 8: Robyn live in Detroit (US)
Oct 8-9: Will Young live in the UK
Oct 9: Marc Almond - Live in Utrecht (NL)
Oct 10: Marc Almond - Live in Den Haag (NL)
Oct 10: Robyn live in Columbus (US)
Oct 11-12: Will Young live in the UK
Oct 12: Marc Almond - Live in Tilburg (NL)
Oct 12: Axelle Red live in Alsemberg (BE)
Oct 13: Marc Almond - Live in Alkmaar (NL)
Oct 13: Robyn live in Austin (US)
Oct 14-15: Will Young live in the UK
Oct 15: Robyn live in Dallas (US)
Oct 16-19: Saint Etienne - Live in the UK
Oct 17: New Order - Live in Amsterdam (NL)
Oct 17-18: Will Young live in the UK
Oct 18: Kate Ryan live in Tessenderlo (BE)
Oct 19: Axelle Red live in Arlon (BE)
Oct 20-22: Will Young live in the UK
Oct 21: Lisa Stansfield live in Southend (UK)
Oct 21: Kate Ryan live in Antwerpen (BE)
Oct 22: Lisa Stansfield live in Guildford (UK)
Oct 23: Lisa Stansfield live in Brighton (UK)
Oct 23: The Psychedelic Furs live in The Hague (NL)
Oct 24-26: Will Young live in the UK
Oct 25: Lisa Stansfield live in Bath (UK)
Oct 25: NINA live in Eindhoven (NL)
Oct 26: Lisa Stansfield live in Salford (UK)
Oct 26: Axelle Red live in Aalst (BE)
Oct 27: Mari Wilson live in Ipswich (UK)
Oct 28: Lisa Stansfield live in Glasgow (UK)
Oct 28-29: Will Young live in the UK
Oct 29: Lisa Stansfield live in Birmingham (UK)
Oct 30: Axelle Red live in Kortrijk (BE)
Oct 31: Lisa Stansfield live in London (UK)
Oct 31: Mari Wilson live in Southampton (UK)
Nov 1: Lisa Stansfield live in Cardiff (UK)
Nov 1: Mari Wilson live in Guildford (UK)
Nov 3: Lisa Stansfield live in Utrecht (NL)
Nov 4: Lisa Stansfield live in Brussels (BE)
Nov 6: Lisa Stansfield live in Paris (FR)
Nov 7: Axelle Red live in Zaventem (BE)
Nov 8: Lisa Stansfield live in Lyon (FR)
Nov 9: Lisa Stansfield live in Toulouse (FR)
Nov 9: NINA live in Helsinki (Finland)
Nov 9: Mari Wilson live in Rhyl (UK)
Nov 9: Axelle Red live in Tongeren (BE)
Nov 12: Alphabeat - live in Groningen (NL)
Nov 13: Alphabeat - live in Amsterdam (NL)
Nov 14: Axelle Red live in Roeselare (BE)
Nov 15: Lisa Stansfield live in Zürich (Switzerland)
Nov 16: Lisa Stansfield live in Linz (Austria)
Nov 16: Axelle Red live in Brussels (BE)
Nov 18: Lisa Stansfield live in Cologne (DE)
Nov 19: Lisa Stansfield live in Ludwigshaven (DE)
Nov 21: Lisa Stansfield live in Bremen (DE)
Nov 22: Kim Wilde live in The Hague (NL)
Nov 23: Lisa Stansfield live in Copenhagen (Denmark)
Nov 23: Axelle Red live in Ieper (BE)
Nov 24: Lisa Stansfield live in Oslo (Norway)
Nov 25: Lisa Stansfield live in Stockholm (Sweden)
Nov 25: Incognito live in The Hague (NL)
Nov 25-26: Matt Bianco live in Kosice (SL)
Nov 27: Lisa Stansfield live in Hamburg (DE)
Nov 28: Lisa Stansfield live in Halle (DE)
Nov 28-Nov 28: Matt Bianco live in The Netherlands
Nov 29: Hot Since 82 live in Rotterdam (NL)
Nov 29: Axelle Red live in Maasmechelen (BE)
Nov 30: Lisa Stansfield live in Berlin (DE)
Dec 1: Lisa Stansfield live in Mainz (DE)
Dec 2: Lisa Stansfield live in Munich (DE)
Dec 7: Axelle Red live in Turnhout (BE)
Dec 19: Midge Ure live in The Hague (NL)

Classic Albums

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17 Mar 2004 - 80's News

SWING OUT SISTER will be releasing a new album, rumoured to be titled "Where Our Love Grows" in March this year.

SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES are to release a box-set of b-sides, and rare and unreleased material in June. The collection "Downside Up" will feature over 50 tracks in all including 30 that have never appeared on CD before. Polydor Records are also planning to reissue all their albums in remastered versions starting later this year, and the Banshees will also be releasing all their BBC live sessions on their own Wonderland label titled "Voices (On The Air)".

DEPECHE MODE singer DAVE GAHAN has released an online single 'A Little Piece' recorded live at The Olympia in Paris via his website in support of his forthcoming live DVD 'Live Monsters' that is released on March 1st.

SIMPLE MINDS singer JIM KERR has re-recorded the vocals of 'Don't You Forget About Me' to be used on a dance track from Italian DJs White Spaces. The track was originally intended for use on an advert but will now receive a commercial release in some countries.

DEPECHE MODE will release three new box-sets on March 30th. The sets; Singles Box 4, Singles Box 5, and Singles Box 6 will each include six CD singles from the band released between 1987 and 2003 and the 160 tracks featured will include all the singles reelased during that period along with b-sides, and standard remixes as well as additional remixes.

BOY GEORGE, as alter-ego side project 'The Twin', will release a 7" single 'Human Racing' on March 31st. This is the fourth limited 7" single released by The Twin and will be followed by a CD EP featuring all four singles, remixes and bonus tracks.

ALISON MOYET is about to go into the studio to start work on a new album, the follow-up to 2003's 'Hometime', with producer Anne Dudley from ART OF NOISE.

THE CURE are expected to announce that they will be one of the headline acts at this year's Glastonbury Festival. The band, currently working on a new album with rock producer Ross Robinson, were also 'honoured' at this week's Brit Awards in a performance of 'Lovecats' from unlikely Cure fans Jamie Cullum and Katie Melua.

TOYAH has recorded vocals for the new single from unknown band Family Of Noise. The single, 'Killing Made Easy', was recorded a year ago and is to be released in a limited edition of 500 copies via the Family Of Noise website.

have compiled an album showcasing their musical influences. Tentatively titled 'A Few Of Our Favourite Things' the album is schuled for initial release in Japan in March to coincide with Swing Out Sister's new album.

ABBA singer AGNETHA FALTSKOG will release a solo single, her first for seventeen years, on March 8th. The song 'If You Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind was originally a hit for Cilla Black in 1969 and is the first single from a new album 'My Coloring Book', a selection of sings that inspired Agnetha in her youth.

DEAD OR ALIVE singer PETE BURNS has now finished recording 'Jack & Jill Party' the track written for him by PET SHOP BOYS and the track will be released soon as a single on PSB's own label Olde English Vinyl.

have announced a handful of live dates for 2004. The duo will play six Japanese shows in May along with European festival appearances in Denmark and Sweden in July and August. No UK dates have been announced.

JASON DONOVAN has announced a handful of UK dates in March and April with more dates in the pipeline to be announced soon. The singer has now finished his West End theatre run in the musical 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' and has been talking about recording new material later this year.

NEW ORDER are to have two BBC radio sessions released on CD on April 12th. The ten-track album will appear on the Strange Fruit label and will include one video track 'Transmission' along with five tracks from 1998 and four from 2001.

SOFT CELL singer MARC ALMOND will make a guest appearance with French electro act Trash Palace at London's '93 Feet East' in Brick Lane on March 10th.
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17 Mar 2004 - Scissor Sisters


Those dismissing the self-titled Scissor Sisters as a product of New York's latest fad band are jumping to conclusions. Yes, there's a certain cabaret aspect to what they do, but that's not to dismiss them as frivolous nightclub entertainment. That's only half the story.

"Comfortably Numb" may have nodded to gay disco but this eclectic bunch of fashionistas have more interesting reference points tucked up their puff sleeves. If anything, the prevailing mood here is sunny AM rock, the kind of thing you might have tuned into in 70s New Jersey.

"Take Your Mamma Out", perhaps the first song about coming out to your mother in a gay club, and sung by Jake Shears like primetime Elton John, is a cracker.

So too "Tits on the Radio" slick barroom boogie that takes a venomous swipe at New York's increasing conservatism.

Best here, though, is the anthemic "It Can't Come Quickly Enough", a retro carve-up of Nik Kershaw and the Pet Shop Boys that's more powerful than it sounds.

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Red Blooded Woman (CD1)Red Blooded Woman (CD2)Red Blooded Woman (12")

1. Red Blooded Woman
2. Almost A Lover

1. Red Blooded Woman
2. Cruise Control
3. RBW Video
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17 Mar 2004 - New Releases

Bolenski BeatEnrique IglesiasGeorge MichaelPet Shop Boys
You're My HeartNot In LoveAmazingFlamboyant
Black Eyed PeasBritney SpearsBritney SpearsAnnie Lennox
Shut Up!Toxic (CD1)Toxic (CD2)Pavement Cracks
SugababesDave GahanDave GahanDave Gahan
In The MiddleI Need You (CD1)I Need You (CD2)I Need You (CD3)
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DEAD CAN DANCE singer LISA GERRARD has released a new album 'Immortal Memory', her first for five years. The album is a collaboration with the award-winning Irish composer Patrick Cassidy, whom she met in Los Angeles while working on the soundtrack for 'Gladiator'.

After much deliberation Cassidy decided to join Gerrard in her Australian studio and together they worked on the extraordinary pieces of music that fill Immortal Memory

Having reaped the benefits of their differing approaches to writing, Gerrard and Cassidy have produced one of the most astonishing albums of 2004. The album leads the listener on a magical journey, which encompasses majestic sweeps of sound that wrap themselves around the phenomenal voice of Gerrard. Startlingly Gerrard sings in Gaelic and Aramaic, an interesting quirk that gives the whole experience an otherworldly quality.


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