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August 2019
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Aug 29: Lisa Loeb live in Los Angeles (USA)
Sep 2: Lisa Loeb live in Osaka (Japan)
Sep 4-5: Lisa Loeb live in Tokyo (Japan)
Sep 7: ABC live in Zoetermeer (NL)
Sep 11: NINA, Parallels, C Z A R I N A, Bunny X live in New York (US
Sep 12: NINA, Parallels, Night Protocol live in South Burlington, Ve
Sep 14: NINA, Parallels, Overdrive Synth live in Cambridge, MA (USA)
Sep 18: NINA, Parallels, The Frame Perfects live in Ottawa, Ontario
Sep 20: NINA, Parallels, Michael Oakley live in Toronto, Ontario (CA
Sep 22: NINA, Parallels, David Darrko live in Chicago (USA)
Oct 4: Billie Ray Martin live in Newcastle (UK)
Oct 8: Marc Almond - Live in Hengelo (NL)
Oct 8: Robyn live in Detroit (US)
Oct 9: Marc Almond - Live in Utrecht (NL)
Oct 10: Marc Almond - Live in Den Haag (NL)
Oct 10: Robyn live in Columbus (US)
Oct 12: Marc Almond - Live in Tilburg (NL)
Oct 13: Marc Almond - Live in Alkmaar (NL)
Oct 13: Robyn live in Austin (US)
Oct 15: Robyn live in Dallas (US)
Oct 16-19: Saint Etienne - Live in the UK
Oct 17: New Order - Live in Amsterdam (NL)
Oct 21: Lisa Stansfield live in Southend (UK)
Oct 22: Lisa Stansfield live in Guildford (UK)
Oct 23: Lisa Stansfield live in Brighton (UK)
Oct 25: Lisa Stansfield live in Bath (UK)
Oct 26: Lisa Stansfield live in Salford (UK)
Oct 27: Mari Wilson live in Ipswich (UK)
Oct 28: Lisa Stansfield live in Glasgow (UK)
Oct 29: Lisa Stansfield live in Birmingham (UK)
Oct 31: Lisa Stansfield live in London (UK)
Oct 31: Mari Wilson live in Southampton (UK)
Nov 1: Lisa Stansfield live in Cardiff (UK)
Nov 1: Mari Wilson live in Guildford (UK)
Nov 3: Lisa Stansfield live in Utrecht (NL)
Nov 4: Lisa Stansfield live in Brussels (BE)
Nov 6: Lisa Stansfield live in Paris (FR)
Nov 8: Lisa Stansfield live in Lyon (FR)
Nov 9: Lisa Stansfield live in Toulouse (FR)
Nov 9: NINA live in Helsinki (Finland)
Nov 9: Mari Wilson live in Rhyl (UK)
Nov 12: Alphabeat - live in Groningen (NL)
Nov 13: Alphabeat - live in Amsterdam (NL)
Nov 15: Lisa Stansfield live in Zürich (Switzerland)
Nov 16: Lisa Stansfield live in Linz (Austria)
Nov 18: Lisa Stansfield live in Cologne (DE)
Nov 19: Lisa Stansfield live in Ludwigshaven (DE)
Nov 21: Lisa Stansfield live in Bremen (DE)
Nov 22: Kim Wilde live in The Hague (NL)
Nov 23: Lisa Stansfield live in Copenhagen (Denmark)
Nov 24: Lisa Stansfield live in Oslo (Norway)
Nov 25: Lisa Stansfield live in Stockholm (Sweden)
Nov 27: Lisa Stansfield live in Hamburg (DE)
Nov 28: Lisa Stansfield live in Halle (DE)
Nov 30: Lisa Stansfield live in Berlin (DE)
Dec 1: Lisa Stansfield live in Mainz (DE)
Dec 2: Lisa Stansfield live in Munich (DE)

Classic Albums

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Robyn: All Tour Dates!

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Bananarama - Venus (Leo Zero Remix)

Bananarama are one of the UK's most iconic and successful girlbands, and a new vinyl collection of remixes of their biggest hits is coming this Record Store Day. The first volume of Bananarama Remixed, to be released on blue vinyl, includes a new take on one of their most famous hits Venus, their first single with super-producers Stock Aitken Waterman.

Venus, a cover of the 1970 Shocking Blue hit, reached Number 8 in the UK in 1986 and was Bananarama's only US Number 1. Its frenetic, high-energy sound was said to be inspired by Dead or Alive's huge Number 1 You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) – also produced by SAW.

For 2019, however, Venus offers a more laid-back disco vibe, but is no less a floorfiller than the original, thanks to the talents of DJ and remixer Leo Zero, famed for his dancefloor overhauls of classics by artists like Bryan Ferry, Madness and Coldplay.

Bananarama Remixed: Vol 1 also features their very first single Aie A Mwana, remixed by Ewan Pearson, who's worked on tracks by Depeche Mode, The Chemical Brothers and Goldfrapp, pkus a new version of 1983 Top 10 Cruel Summer by remix pioneer Tom Moulton and a further remix of Venus by Leo Zero. It will be available on Record Store Day, 13 April 2019

Following a hugely successful reunion tour with all three original members in 2017, Bananarama have recorded a new album as a duo, In Stereo, out 19 April.

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Blancmange - Living On The Ceiling (Richard Norris Remix)

The classic, 1980s Blancmange hit "Living On The Ceiling" has been remastered and is released exclusively on limited edition blue vinyl for RSD 2019. Featuring a previously unreleased Richard Norris remix, plus a rare extended version of the track.

The release will be available from independent record stores on April 13th.

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