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October 2019
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Oct 22: Lisa Stansfield live in Guildford (UK)
Oct 20-22: Will Young live in the UK
Oct 23: Lisa Stansfield live in Brighton (UK)
Oct 23: The Psychedelic Furs live in The Hague (NL)
Oct 24-26: Will Young live in the UK
Oct 25: Lisa Stansfield live in Bath (UK)
Oct 25: NINA live in Eindhoven (NL)
Oct 26: Lisa Stansfield live in Salford (UK)
Oct 26: Axelle Red live in Aalst (BE)
Oct 27: Mari Wilson live in Ipswich (UK)
Oct 28: Lisa Stansfield live in Glasgow (UK)
Oct 28-29: Will Young live in the UK
Oct 29: Lisa Stansfield live in Birmingham (UK)
Oct 30: Axelle Red live in Kortrijk (BE)
Oct 31: Lisa Stansfield live in London (UK)
Oct 31: Mari Wilson live in Southampton (UK)
Nov 1: Lisa Stansfield live in Cardiff (UK)
Nov 1: Mari Wilson live in Guildford (UK)
Nov 3: Lisa Stansfield live in Utrecht (NL)
Nov 4: Lisa Stansfield live in Brussels (BE)
Nov 6: Lisa Stansfield live in Paris (FR)
Nov 7: Axelle Red live in Zaventem (BE)
Nov 8: Lisa Stansfield live in Lyon (FR)
Nov 9: Lisa Stansfield live in Toulouse (FR)
Nov 9: NINA live in Helsinki (Finland)
Nov 9: Mari Wilson live in Rhyl (UK)
Nov 9: Axelle Red live in Tongeren (BE)
Nov 12: Alphabeat - live in Groningen (NL)
Nov 13: Alphabeat - live in Amsterdam (NL)
Nov 14: Axelle Red live in Roeselare (BE)
Nov 15: Lisa Stansfield live in Zürich (Switzerland)
Nov 16: Lisa Stansfield live in Linz (Austria)
Nov 16: Axelle Red live in Brussels (BE)
Nov 18: Lisa Stansfield live in Cologne (DE)
Nov 19: Lisa Stansfield live in Ludwigshaven (DE)
Nov 21: Lisa Stansfield live in Bremen (DE)
Nov 22: Kim Wilde live in The Hague (NL)
Nov 23: Lisa Stansfield live in Copenhagen (Denmark)
Nov 23: Axelle Red live in Ieper (BE)
Nov 24: Lisa Stansfield live in Oslo (Norway)
Nov 25: Lisa Stansfield live in Stockholm (Sweden)
Nov 25: Incognito live in The Hague (NL)
Nov 25-26: Matt Bianco live in Kosice (SL)
Nov 27: Lisa Stansfield live in Hamburg (DE)
Nov 28: Lisa Stansfield live in Halle (DE)
Nov 28-Nov 28: Matt Bianco live in The Netherlands
Nov 29: Hot Since 82 live in Rotterdam (NL)
Nov 29: Axelle Red live in Maasmechelen (BE)
Nov 29-Nov 29: Lisa Loeb - Stay (I Missed You) (12")
Nov 29-Nov 29: Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me with Science (7")
Nov 30: Lisa Stansfield live in Berlin (DE)
Dec 1: Lisa Stansfield live in Mainz (DE)
Dec 2: Lisa Stansfield live in Munich (DE)
Dec 7: Axelle Red live in Turnhout (BE)
Dec 19: Midge Ure live in The Hague (NL)
Jan 23: Axelle Red live in Lier (BE)

Classic Albums

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Everything But The Girl's million-selling critically-acclaimed eighth studio album Walking Wounded was first released in May 1996. It debuted at #4 on the UK Album Chart and contains four UK Top 40 singles, including the Top 10 hits Walking Wounded and Wrong, and set new a benchmark for the intersection of contemporary electronic music and smart pop songwriting. 

The seeds of the album's approach were clearly planted in the successful mix of folk-soul and electronica on the duo's previous million-seller Amplified Heart, but it was the subsequent wild global success of Todd Terry's remix of Amplified Heart album track Missing, and Tracey Thorn's acclaimed contemporaneous collaboration on Protection, the second album from Bristol experimental collective, Massive Attack, that encouraged them to go further.

The album was acclaimed on its release. "A career peak ... raw, pure and absolutely gorgeous," said Rolling Stone"The new incarnation of EBTG is the best yet. It's just going to take a while for people to catch up," said NME.

The new vinyl edition has been mastered by long-time Everything But The Girl mastering engineer, Miles Showell, now at Abbey Road Studios, who is one of only a handful of engineers specialising in half-speed mastering that uses new techniques to more faithfully reproduce the sound of original master tapes.

The original 1996 release of Walking Wounded saw Todd Terry's remix of Wrong and Omni Trio's remix of Walking Wounded added as bonus tracks, and an expanded deluxe double CD version including a heft of bonus material came out in 2015, but this new vinyl edition is faithful to the original nine-track album sessions and does not include additional tracks.

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Slavo + Justin here. Just wanted to let y'all know that our new single just came out today. It's one of our favorites from the upcoming album (yes there's another album coming). We can't thank you all enough for listening to every one of our songs. If it wasn't for you supporting us we wouldn't be able to do this full time. We're still independent artists right now making music about love in the corner of NYC. Every time you show a friend a song of ours you're bringing us closer to the top.

Fly By Midnight

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Painting by Dutch artist Bastiaan Mol called 'The Heel' with Marc Almond and Eartha Kitt

The Heel is a song by Eartha Kitt from 1955. It was a cover of the French song 'L'Homme' by Leo Ferré. Marc Almond covered The Heel in 1986 for his mini album 'A Woman's Story'.

This painting will appear in a book for the Murder Ballad project called 'Eggs & Marrowbone' to support the new CD by Dutch band The Bullfight.

The Murder Ballad is a multi media project in which artists contributed work which is related to or inspired by "Murder Ballads". Painters, poets, photographers, writers, cartoonists and many more were invited to contribute their art. The contributions are bundled in an art book that will be available for sale at the end of 2019.

The Bullfight provides the music for the project in the form of an all new album: Eggs & Marrowbone. The book and album will be promoted through a small clubtour in The Netherlands in November / December. 

Order a physical copy!
CD + Murder Ballad Art Book: €25.00
Vinyl + Murder Ballad Art Book: €30.00
Items can be ordered by sending an email to:

More info: /

More work by Bastiaan Mol

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