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Another Christmas written by Thought Beings

Silver Bells written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans

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It’s safe to say that 2020 has been an unusually difficult year for most of us. And at a time that is often clouded by long lines, gloomy weather, and horrible traffic, the true message of Christmas is not lost on Heartracer. In their newest Christmas single 'Alone at Xmas’ the lyrics waste no time in pointing out what makes Christmas a special time of year and also what makes Heartracer a “special” type of band.

As Chris sings the melody pulses with a unique brand of confidence in their sound and in the song’s message of charity and forgiveness. From the little boy whose parents couldn’t afford to give him a Christmas present to the beggar on the side of the road seeking shelter from the cold.

Wrapped up like a present under the tree, Heartracer gifts us with a neatly crafted Christmas pop song that is the best thing since Wham’s 'Last Christmas'. For those of you tired of hearing the same Christmas songs over and over, this year let Heartracer shuffle your tape deck and spend Christmas with one of the hottest new synthpop acts that has gone relatively under the radar until now.
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Back to Christmas is a cry of hope for a better future, its arpeggios and pads wrap around us like a warm blanket, taking us back to a time when we felt happier and safe. This song tells us that, although we are going through difficult times, we will soon be together again and we can hug and be with the loved ones. It's also a tale about the desire to be with someone you love since with that person it always seems like Christmas. In short, Back to Christmas aims to be the hymn that will unite us all with the Universe. Another gem of a song by the Iberic band Oblique.

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2CD+DVD and expanded 2LP vinyl

Cherry Red will reissue Marc Almond‘s 1988 album The Stars We Are in January next year.

Almond’s fourth album featured the singles ‘Tears Run Rings’, ‘Bitter-Sweet’ and most notably his cover of Gene Pitney’s ‘Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart’. The duet version of that song with Gene Pitney was of course an enormous hit, reaching number one in the UK for four weeks in early 1989.

The 2CD+DVD reissue features the album, B-sides, remixes and promo videos. CD 1 features the album and the original two CD bonus tracks (‘The Frost Comes Tomorrow’ and ‘Kept Boy’). Interestingly, the reissue doesn’t maintain the solo version of ‘Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart’ (which was what was on the original album) but switches it for the duet ‘hit’ version, with the solo version relegated to CD 2. The first disc is completed with B-sides ‘Everything I Wanted Love To Be’, ‘King of The Fools’ and ‘Real Evil’.

CD 2 features “all known” extended and remix versions of the album tracks and the DVD (which is PAL, region 0) collects all six promo videos including the Tim Pope-directed ‘Bitter-Sweet’ and the alternate U.S. version video of ‘Tears Run Rings’ as directed by Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson.

The packaging is one of those soft-pak ‘capacity wallets’. It comes with a 36-page booklet featuring sleeve notes and lyrics.

In addition to the 2CD+DVD set there is an expanded 2LP vinyl package with the bonus LP offering the CD bonus tracks and B-sides along with a few key remixes.

This expanded reissue of The Stars We Are will be released on 22 January 2021.

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Digital, Vinyl, CD and Cassette Tape


With music inspired by Afro-Carribean, Hawaiian, and Japanese influences mixed with Synthwave, Synthpop, and colorful 80's nostalgia Neon Beach is making a very unique brand of nostalgia. The band's third studio album 'Neon Beach' is based on a short story written by the elusive main producer. It is a story of holograms and simulations emanating from a neurological program called Neon Beach. It is a dystopian story dressed in a utopian world as heard in the flashy 80s Pop Music and dark esoteric lyrics on the album.

Thought Beings embrace ancient esoteric mysteries by dressing them up in brightly colored 80s fashion and making them palatable to the world. 'Neon Beach' is no different in its attempt to tell a deeply introspective story while dancing by the ocean in the neon lights. This album is fun, colorful, unapologetically retro, and full of ancient secrets.

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