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Four albums from 1984 – 1987 issued on ‘deluxe’ vinyl!

Four early David Sylvian albums will be issued on 180g vinyl in February.

The albums in question are Brilliant Trees (1984), Alchemy – An Index of Possibilities (1985), Gone to Earth (1986) and Secrets of the Beehive (1987).

These are described as ‘deluxe’ vinyl reissues and thus there are a few changes (to presentation, not audio). David’s debut Brilliant Trees is now housed in a gatefold sleeve, the Alchemy, Gone to Earth and Secrets of the Beehive albums feature brand new artwork and all come pressed on 180g vinyl (Gone to Earth is a double) with printed inner bags.

These are all released on 22 February 2019. 
More info: Super Deluxe Editions

Similar treatment for the Japan-reunion-in-everything-but-name project, Rain Tree Crow, is expected around March 2019.

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