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22 Feb 2020 - Morgan Willis - Dreamer

Morgan WillisDreamer is a Synthpop fairy-tale. It’s possibly the perfect backdrop to drift into the New Year: Easy listening, upbeat and inspiring. 

Featuring the popular single C.O.M.A, Dreamer will take you on a journey to that special place, where all things seem possible. Let your imagination soar over dreamy Synthscapes, altogether familiar and at the same time new and progressive. Listening to the album is like having your consciousness pulled into an 80s adventure or rom-com classic! Pure enjoyment! 

The album also features collaborations with Parallels, Nina and Kel, adding angelic vocals to Morgan Willis’ signature synthwave melodies. 

Those familiar with Morgan Willis will relish in another well-produced album, those new to Morgan Willis… well, there’s no turning back now. Best enjoyed with head-phones on, fully immersed.

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