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Rhino are to reissue The Human League‘s 1995 album Octopus across a number of formats, to mark the album’s 25 anniversary.

Octopus was originally issued on East West Records and with the band then officially a trio – vocalists Philip Oakey, Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley – they cocked a snook at the guitar-driven Britpop of the time and created an album fashioned from analogue synthesizers. Their instincts were vindicated when The Human League enjoyed their first UK top ten hit in nine years with the infectious Tell Me When. Follow up single One Man in My Heart consolidated the success (peaking at number 14) and even third and final single Filling Up With Heaven still sneaked into the top 40.

As a result of all this Octopus went gold and peaked at number six in the UK album charts.

The 25th anniversary reissue is available as a two-CD set with the bonus disc offering many demos as well as some single edits and remixes. A vinyl LP edition is also available along with an limited 2LP set with the second LP featuring a selection of remixes (the latter is only available via Rhino’s own store).

Octopus is reissued on 6 March 2020.

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