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The album ‘Republica’ features 'Ready To Go', 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' and dance floor favourites 'Bloke', 'Bitch' and 'Holly'. 

Across three CDs, this Deluxe Edition contains no less than 32 bonus tracks, including Republica’s sought-after debut single, ‘Out of This World’, which was reworked as the album track ‘Out of the Darkness’. The legendary DJ John Peel was the first radio DJ to play the band’s debut track on his infamous Radio 1 show and an early supporter of the band.

Also featured are absolutely all the full-length mixes issued commercially or promotionally for the singles. Sought-after contributions come courtesy of Republica’s labelmates Way Out West and Justin Robertson, London clubland legends Fabio Paras and Drum Club, San Francisco electronica pioneers Hardkiss and many more… not to mention a quintessential early credit from Chemical Brothers. As a listening experience over two decades later, this is a riotous roller-coaster ride through cutting-edge 90s remix culture.

Packaged in a 3CD capacity wallet, this release also boasts a 20-page booklet with exclusive new sleeve notes written by Saffron herself, an illustrated discography, additional photos and lyrics. Pre-order it here!!!

As they put the finishing touches to their long-awaited new studio album, Republica have a string of live dates lined up for 2020, kicking off at the Dome in London on February 8th – coinciding with the release of this Deluxe Edition. They’re back – and ready to go!

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