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Friday Night Firefight are a production duo from England with a very international sound. 'Where No One Goes' is their second EP on Aztec Records and a follow up to  the very well received 'Time Zones EP'.

A blend of reflective songwriting, 80's styling, and pop inspired delivery. The band captures the aesthetic familiar to fans of synthpop and combines it with the anthemic energy of indie rock.


XES is a trio formed by singer and front man Pasha Star, synth wizard Pavel Saushkin, and singer and model Sophia Nguyen.

Too young to be inspired by the vintage sound of Alphaville, Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, Desireless and Bronski Beat they have taken their love for 80's sound into the 21st century with a mix of dark electro, synthwave and retrowave.

Their sexy image and polished sound makes them a promising act to follow and their latest EP 'Forbidden Love' released on Aztec Records comes with killing remixes by LYKOV, CVPELLV and Martiln.


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