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The new Erasure single 'Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling)' was premiered on BBC Radio 2 on Thursday and is now be available as a single-track download or stream on all your favourite digital platforms. An expanded six-track 'Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling)' single bundle will be available digitally on June 26th.

Erasure's forthcoming new album is called 'The Neon' and will be released on August 21st. 

Hey Now (Think I Got A Feeling) / Nerves Of Steel / Fallen Angel / No Point In Tripping / Shot A Satellite / Tower Of Love / Diamond Lies / New Horizons / Careful What I Try To Do / Kid You're Not Alone 

Pre-order exclusive formats: 

There will be a selection of special limited-edition formats which will only be available to purchase as pre-order items and which won't be available again later:
- Limited Edition Deluxe CD (six-panel card pack with four exclusive art cards)
- Limited Edition Neon Orange Vinyl Album
- Limited Edition Green Cassette
- Limited Edition T-Shirt 

Pre-orders of all these items - plus a selection of money-saving bundles - are available now from Lexer Music and from Mute Bank, and you should head on over to those sites to check out the album artwork, and to get all the product and bundle details. 

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