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17 Oct 2020 - Power Rob - Runaway EP

Power Rob brings a distinct, stadium rock quality at the genre of synthwave with his refreshing approach. Some of the most powerful vocals the genre has seen in a long time.

Taking cue from the rock-pop of the 80's, the Runaway EP starts with an epic synth riff and driving guitars in the form of 'Runaway'. A song about teen freedom and taking risks that wouldn't feel out of place next to Michael Jackson or even Def Leppard.

The second cut, 'Strong' continues this theme of empowerment but this time is with someone else. The need to connect and be strong together that's very fitting for our time.

To close the EP, Power Rob has chosen to honour one of his heroes, the late George Michael. Produced by Ends 84, The cover infuses the classic 'Careless Whisper' with a synthwave aesthetics. The result is as evocative as the original and updates the production to the retro-futuristic taste of 2020.

For Power Rob, it's all about electricity and potency. From smooth ballads to heart pumping anthems, the Runaway EP will leave you itching to hear more.

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