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The fourth and final mini-EP leading up to the DARK AGE DAY DREAM full length.

Down By Law, the lead single from DREAM (the 4th mini-EP) from avant-pop auteurs Eutropic, is a glimpse into the unfolding dystopia of our modern day society. It's a challenging, open-ended meditation on the concept of free will.

Starry Sky is a song that speaks on our innate need to ponder the primal mystery. We ask questions that have no answers, it's in our nature to do so. The song starts off tightly coiled, full of mounting tensions and an almost foreboding bite. It eventually erupts into a detailed, almost blinding sonic painting of infinite pulsating astral bodies above, the world aflame. Wonder ensues. The realisation of our relative irrelevance in regards to the vastness of the space surrounding us eventually leads to a rapturous humility. The moment when you realise that you are a part of the infinite creation, ecstasy kicks in.

Release date: December 11, 2020

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