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Sophomore is the second album from British electronic music producer, Sunglasses Kid.

Following his debut release, Graduation, Sunglasses Kid continues to explore the world of high school movies and 80s & 90s teen culture with Sophomore.

Sophomore features some of the most popular artists in the synthwave, synthpop and retro genres including, Ollie Wride, Primo The Alien, Jay Diggs, Miranda Carey, SJBRAVO, Megan McDuffee, and IVERSEN.

An album highlight is "Neverending Dream", with sensual vocals from Megan McDuffee and a sexy sax solo from 80s icon Tim Cappello, AKA the sexy sax man from cult movie, The Lost Boys. Dark textural guitars from All The Damn Vampires add the final layer of atmosphere to this Madonna style ballad.

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