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  • NINA live in Helsinki (Finland): 09 Nov 2019

Author Topic: NINA live in Helsinki (Finland)  (Read 534 times)

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NINA live in Helsinki (Finland)
« on: 23 Aug 2019, 01:20 »
Helsinki Synth City Festival 9th November 2019, Ääniwalli

Taking place at Helsinki's famous Ääniwalli club on the 9th November, 2019, the inaugural Helsinki Synth City Festival treats the audience to the cutting edge of Finnish synthwave, topped off with the first ever performance of the luminous London-based German synthpop/synthwave singer-songwriter star NINA on Finnish soil. Nina Boldt, entitled with the nickname “Queen of Synthwave” was born and raised in Berlin, taking up singing at the age of 6, following a classical training as a teenager. Her sound is strongly rooted in the 80’s synth pop and new wave.

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People with a penchant for retrowave, synthwave, outrun, future funk, cyberpunk and darksynth genres won't leave the club unsatisfied as Finnish acts Millennium Falck, Ace Buchannon, Kizunaut, Levinsky, Runaway Droid and VVOV give it all they got in a sizzling series of sets during the course of the night. The (Flashback Future/resident) DJ's will also entertain the crowd with their tasteful and groovy sets guaranteed to make you move! Visuals are provided by VJ’s

Catering services are providing a variety top-notch street food for all tastes throughout the event.

The Helsinki Synth City Festival is brought to you by the Helsinki Synth City artist collective, a group of independent, uncompromising and likeminded artists.



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