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To:?? Sony Japan

To whom it may concern:

We are writing you regarding the Dead or Alive 12" Collection that was to have been released by Sony Japan recently. It has come to our attention that Sony may be considering, if not delaying the collection's release, then cancelling it altogether. Exact information has been difficult to come by, as we have read and heard several different versions of Sony's plans for this release.

As fans of Dead or Alive, we understand that compilations of Dead or Alive's 7" singles, in various mixes and guises, are already available, but up until the announcement of the 12" Collection release, there had been a frustrating lack of access to Dead or Alive's original 12" remix releases, other than through often exploitative online sellers commanding ridiculously inflated prices for the original vinyl releases, or worse, for bootlegged, pirated or falsely advertised merchandise.

That Dead or Alive fans have been willing to make what amount to financial sacrifices to obtain these remixes, in whatever form, demonstrates that there is, therefore, a considerable market -- amongst fans, collectors and, yes, the simply nostalgic -- for a legitimate, band-approved collection of the *original* Dead or Alive 12" remixes.

We urge you to consider following through with your original plans to release the 12" Collection, and we, the fans of Dead or Alive, the registered users and moderators of the Right Stuff, the official website for Dead or Alive, thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

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Katie Melua
Piece By Piece

Release date

'Piece By Piece' heralds the return of Katie Melua to the world stage since her multi-platinum debut album 'Don't Call Of The Search'.

It is clear that Katie has come a long way in the two years since her first album was released. Back then, she was a student taking her very first steps. On the second album, it is evident that she has travelled and grown.

"She has always been a self-assured singer and performer, but the wealth of live touring that she has done both in small clubs and headlining to up to 10,000 people has given her a maturity which I can only see continuing. It is a pure accident of symmetry that she has written four and a half of the tracks and I have written four and a half of the tracks (one being a co-write between us), and the other quarter of the album is made up of three versions of great songs that we just wanted to do". Mike Batt

Katie Melua's next single: Nine Million Bicycles (19-09-2005)


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Top 20 August 17, 2005
TW / LW / WC Artist - Song
01 / (02) / (3) Alcazar - Start The Fire
02 / (01) / (3) 4Hero - Les Fleurs
03 / (03) / (3) Loverush UK & Marc Almond - Perfect Honey
04 / (04) / (3) Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl
05 / (08) / (3) Bodies Without Organs - Open Door
06 / (07) / (3) Joss Stone - Don't Cha Wanna Ride
07 / (10) / (3) Marc Almond - Delirious
08 / (09) / (3) Bananarama - Move In My Direction
09 / (06) / (3) Erasure - Here I Go Impossible Again
10 / (05) / (3) Garbage - Sex Is Not The Enemy
11 / (13) / (3) Inaya Day - Nasty Girl
12 / (16) / (2) Robyn - Who's That Girl?
13 / (15) / (3) Paola E Chiara - Fatalitá
14 / (14) / (3) Saint Etienne - Side Streets
15 / (12) / (3) The Ark - Clamour For Glamour
16 / (17) / (3) Akcent - Kylie
17 / (11) / (3) Kent - Palace & Main
18 / (---) / (1) Daniel Powter - Bad Day
19 / (---) / (1) Audio Bullys & Nancy Sinatra - Shot You Down
20 / (18) / (3) Kent - Max 500
Tips: Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha
Texas - Getaway

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The James Blunt/Daniel Powter chart hegemony continues with 'Bad Day' locking horns at Number 2 behind 'You're Beautiful' for a third straight week. This also means a fifth week at the top for the James Blunt single, easing it past Crazy Frog to become the second longest-running chart-topper of the year. Indeed not since 1998 have we had two records top the charts for longer than four weeks in the same calendar year, but James Blunt and Tony Christie have both managed it in the space of a few short months.

James Blunt also reigns supreme at the top of the albums chart yet again. As reported by Alan Jones in Music Week last week, Blunt is the first artist since Celine Dion (in 1995) to top both the singles and album charts for five consecutive weeks. To find the last British act to manage this spectacular level of domination you have to look back even further - to 1975 and the dominance of Rod Stewart with the album 'Atlantic Crossing' and the single 'Sailing'. Oddly enough the last act to manage a six week duopoly were none other than John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John whose 'Summer Nights' was accompanied at the top by the 'Grease' soundtrack for six of the seven weeks it spent at the summit, way back in 1978. It is this particular record that James Blunt is gunning for next week.

The Official UK Top 75 Singles:

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On August 1st 2005, three Gary Numan albums have been made available on CD, and in stores for the first time. Living Ornaments '79 and '81 have previously been available as Mail Order only CD's and via specialist sources, however, Living Ornaments '80, gets its first ever release.

Living Ornaments '80 features songs from Gary Numan's 'Teletour' - the 'machine-music' period, when Numan was at the peak of his commercial success. Unfortunately, the multi-tracks for the 1980 show have never been located, and the show that featured on the original vinyl of LO '80, has never been released in its entirety. Recently, a recording of a complete 'Teletour' show - a live reference mix, made by the sound crew - became available, which, with some sonic tweaking, is of release quality.

Living Ornaments '80 is now a double CD, featuring the original 10 tracks from the vinyl release (newly remastered from the mixing tapes), plus this complete show - giving a total of 29 tracks.

Some reviews of Living Ornaments '80

"this is a real treat for synth lovers everywhere - the authentic sound of 80s electronic music, and one not to be missed for those who wonder where the dark side of electronic music originated from. So sit back and enjoy a lashing of tuneful, avante garde, synth pop misery - you won't regret it."

"The recording lifted from the UK leg effortlessly captured the Numan phenomenon in full flight as Gary and the band powered through turbo charged versions from his exemplary back catalogue to scenes of pure, unadulterated pop hysteria."

More info: "Gary Numan Living Ornaments mini site"
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