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28 Apr 2023 - Arcade Ocean - Drive

Arcade Ocean is the latest project from Vienna-based artist and writer Ingo Fr├╝hwirt. Drawing inspiration from the classic retro games, movies and synthesizer music of the 80s, Arcade Ocean is a nostalgic and dreamy journey into the past. Ingo has a long history of playing in various bands before branching out into the world of synth-music.

With Arcade Ocean, he sought to create something that was both familiar and new, blending his love for the classic sounds of a long gone decade with a fresh perspective.

Arcade Ocean's second single "Drive" is a Retrowave track that captures the tension and excitement of falling in love with someone new. With pulsing arpeggiators and a driving beat, "Drive" is a sonic rush through the early stages of a new romance, where the thrill of the unknown is matched only by the excitement of sheer endless possibilities.

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