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07 Aug 2005 - New Human League DVD

Live At The Dome (DVD)


Release date: August 23, 2005


Digitally filmed and recorded at The Dome in Brighton, England on December 19, 2003. This NTSC Region 1 DVD features 20 tracks including Don't You Want Me, Fascination, Human, The Lebanon, Mirror Man, and Together In Electric Dreams plus an exclusive interview.
A CD release is scheduled for mid-September.

?? Tracklist:

  1. Hard Times/Love Action
  2. Mirror Man
  3. Louise
  4. Snake
  5. Heart Like A Wheel
  6. Darkness
  7. All I Ever Wanted
  8. Open Your Heart
  9. The Lebanon
  10. One Man In My Heart
  11. Human
  12. Things That Dreams Are Made Of
  13. Love Me Madly
  14. Fascination
  15. Tell Me When
  16. Don't You Want Me
  17. Empire State Human
  18. Together In Electric Dreams
  19. Sound Of The Crowd

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07 Aug 2005 - New Howard Jones Album

Revolution Of The Heart (US CD)
Release date: September 6,??2005

Now we know the reason the US release of Howard Jones's "20th Anniversary Concert (2xDVD)" (featuring Midge Ure and Nena ) was delayed until next month. It's because he's got a brand new album coming out! It's a busy summer for Howard with US TV appearances, live shows, and now, 2 releases in September.

01. Celebrate
02. Respected
03. Just Look At You Now
04. Revolution Of The Heart
05. I've Said Too Much
06. The Presence Of Other
07. Black & White
08. Another Chance
09. Stir It Up
10. For You, See Me

Visit for more 80's CD-relases.
Click here for more info on the??20th Anniversary Concert 2xDVD

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After a three year hiatus Simple Minds are back with their best CD since 'New Gold Dream,' called 'Black and White 050505.' Released on 12th September by Sanctuary Records, 'Black and White' recalls the sweeping, vast sound that characterised their biggest hit albums, 'Sparkle in the Rain,' 'Once upon a Time' and 'Street Fighting Years.' 'Black and White' recorded in Italy, Holland and then mixed in Los Angeles by the legendary Bob Clearmountain is a real return to form for this four piece band and should see the emergence of a whole new generation of fans as well as satisfying their current ones.

This is a CD that captivates on its first listen and then just gets better. What with the renewed popularity of Duran Duran, New Order and Depeche Mode and the propensity for pop acts to sample 80's sounds, there is little doubt that Simple Minds time has truly come again.

The CD's opening track, 'Stay Visible' has all the depth, melody and warmth of a theme tune for the next Bond movie. Lingering in the mind long after the last chord has played, it evokes images of an expensive open top car zooming along an empty mountain road or an endless stretch of Arizona desert.

Jim Kerr's distinctive voice comes through strong in their first single, 'Home' released on 5th September and together with co-founder and lead guitarist Charlie Burchill, they have produced a pop song that should lay to rest any rumours that this is a band that have had their day. 'Home' recalls classic Simple Minds with a driving rhythm and the distinctive Burchill guitar sound. Kerr says "There are a number of songs on the album that will make great singles but I feel that the way 'Home' kicks in with Charlie's signature soaring guitar riff, there could be no better way off announcing to the world that Simple Minds had recaptured the kind of uplifting musical spirit that defined our best work.



From left to right - Jim Kerr (vocals),
Charlie Burchill (guitar), Eddie Duffy (bass),
Mel Gaynor (drums)
Photo credit: (c) 2005 Arjan van der Berg

"Home" will be released across two CD singles. CD #1 includes a radio edit of "Home" backed with the non-album track "Bird On A Wire." CD #2 includes the album version of "Home," a rendition of Grant Lee Buffalo's "Mighty Joe Moon", the Trixton Portendo Dance Mix of "Home," plus an enhanced video of "Home."

'Stranger' and 'Different World (TAORMINA.ME)' give their past hits a run for their money and reminds us that here is a band that can do "big emotional pop on a grand scale" as well as anybody and probably better than most. 'The Jeweller (Part 2)' proves that point equally. Bursting with melodic energy, here is a multi-layered song harking back to the bands classic 'New Gold Dream' days, when NME and the entire British music press declared them band of the year.

Never afraid to tackle the bigger issues as demonstrated by their classic international No.1 single 'Belfast Child', the current CD's title track 'Black and White' is a somber electro ballad about the madness and shame displayed by an increasing amount of world wide Holocaust deniers. Similarly 'Dolphins' closes the CD on a gentle though cinematic note. Atmospheric pop at its best Jim Kerr's voice resonates with brittle emotion, with the lush backing building slowly until it fills the room. Somehow it seems the perfect ending to what is definitely their best recording in a very long time.

Jim Kerr says "We wanted to make an album once again that was full of dramatic and atmospheric pop music. We felt that we needed an album that proved as much to ourselves as anyone else, that the big beating heart of Simple Minds was very much alive and driving us on once again. Having delivered 'Black and White 050505,' an album that we believe is 'classic Simple Minds,' albeit with a whole new energy. We can honestly say that we are delighted with the results and look forward with a totally revitalised outlook to this next phase of our on going creativity. We feel with some certainty that people who grew up with Simple Minds will share our enthusiasm for this new work. While at the same time, given the chance, we also feel that these new songs are good enough to interest a whole new contemporary audience. Needless to say, in the tradition of all great rock bands, we are extremely excited at the prospect of playing this album live on stage and look forward to doing exactly that in the near future."

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After a break of nearly 3 months, the Pmachinery-chart is back online again.

There are many, various reasons why the chart was not "in the air" lately but let's focus on the future... And that means a weekly new chart. Mainly compiled by me but...:

You're most welcome to email suggestions for this chart to: Contact_form

?? Top 20 ??August 3, 2005
?? ??
??TW / LW / WC ??Artist - Song
??01 / (-) / (1) ??4Hero - Les Fleurs
??02 / (-) / (1) ??Garbage - Sex Is Not The Enemy
??03 / (-) / (1) ??Alcazar - Start The Fire
??04 / (-) / (1) ??Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl
??05 / (-) / (1) ??Loverush UK & Marc Almond - Perfect Honey
??06 / (-) / (1) ??Erasure - Here I Go Impossible Again
??07 / (-) / (1) ??Kent - Palace & Main
??08 / (-) / (1) ??Joss Stone - Don't Cha Wanna Ride
??09 / (-) / (1) ??Bodies Without Organs - Open Door
??10 / (-) / (1) ??The Ark - Clamour For Glamour
??11 / (-) / (1) ??Bananarama - Move In My Direction
??12 / (-) / (1) ??Robyn - Be Mine
??13 / (-) / (1) ??Marc Almond - Delirious
??14 / (-) / (1) ??Morrissey - There's A Light That Never Goes Out
??15 / (-) / (1) ??Kent - Max 500
??16 / (-) / (1) ??Saint Etienne - Side Streets
??17 / (-) / (1) ??Inaya Day - Nasty Girl
??18 / (-) / (1) ??Paola E Chiara - Fatalitá
??19 / (-) / (1) ??Akcent - Kylie
??20 / (-) / (1) ??Alcazar - Alcastar
?? ??
??Tip: ??Robyn - Who's That Girl?

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Franz Ferdinand's new album will have a title, the band have now confirmed.

"You Could Have It So Much Better???With Franz Ferdinand" is the title of the Scottish art-rockers forthcoming LP, ending months of speculation.

Initially the group claimed the record, like their debut, would be untitled, with a fresh sleeve design to differentiate between their Mercury Prize winning first album.

Speaking to MTV on the set of the video shoot for their new single "Do You Want To" in New York City, Kapranos explained the group's change of heart.

"We were sitting around, putting together the running order for all the songs on the album, and one of us said, 'Ah, it's a shame we didn't give the album a title.' And we thought, 'Well, we haven't released it yet. Why not give it a title?' So, that's what we did," he said.

"You Could Have It So Much Better???With Franz Ferdinand" is released on October 4.

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