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Popcorn Kid's latest single, Moment In Time, featuring Noxigen is an upbeat, glam rock-esque Synthwave track that talks about when love consumes you so much that it collapses time. Suddenly, you find your whole days blending to create one endless loop. So, you find yourself believing this would last forever. And eventually, all you can think about is how life has always been this way and will only continue to be this way. 

Popcorn Kid's synth work has always been top-notch, owing to the multi-genre background he comes from. Collaborating with his childhood friend Noxigen was the missing piece of the puzzle. The song is driven by the signature synth melody first heard at the beginning of the song and the big chorus of Noxigen, who also takes a solo on this one. Where he pays tribute to the late legend Eddie Van Halen. The return of the huge drum sounds and big wide bass is no surprise as it has been heard all over Popcorn Kid's discography.

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