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Prefab Sprout will be releasing remastered vinyl versions of four of the band’s classic albums including Swoon, From Langley Park To Memphis, Jordan: The Comeback and A Life of Surprises: The Best Of on the 27th of September.

Prefab Sprout’s debut album Swoon, includes a complex collection of songs that announced the band’s idiosyncratic style in an explosive way. The band’s third album From Langley Park To Memphis contains their biggest hit "The King of Rock 'n' Roll" along with one of the best pop anthems of the 1980s – "Cars And Girls". The album also features contributions from Stevie Wonder and Pete Townshend.

Jordan: The Comeback
from 1990 will be released as a double LP for the first time internationally. This is an expansive album that draws on a huge breadth of influences and includes "Wild Horses", which has grown to become one of the band’s best loved tracks. The fourth release in this batch is the band’s hit collection, A Life of Surprises: The Best Of which is available as a double LP for the first time!

Click HERE to pre-order your copies today.

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