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Marc Almond presents the second of three summer live online concerts at 7pm on Thursday 25 June. The first one was a fantastic success with people tuning in from across the world. Marc Almond thanks you all and hopes he can join you intimately in your homes and gardens, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms or wherever you watch your devices. As was the first show, this will be presented live from Dean Street Studios and will observe social distancing rules.

This show is called Acoustic Cornucopia - a mix of acoustic hits, favourites and surprises; a different selection of songs from the last show. Special guests Martin and Kimberlee McCarrick, known as The McCarricks, will be popping by to add some fiery violin and joyful accordion.

Marc Almond's final show of the Summer will be on 1 August and details will be announced nearer the time.

Donations to help the studio and musicians will once again be welcomed (via the 'donate' button on the website).

Thursday 25 June, 7pm, live online at

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