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31 Jul 2020 - Pleasue - This Land

The french duo Pleasure are singer Marie-Lou Desage & producer Charles Michaud.

For the last 20 years, Charles Michaud has produced a large number of full-length albums and tracks for various projects. His music has been recognized worldwide thanks to his many remixes and Eps, reaching the top of the charts. He is respected for the wide scope of his music from Techno and House to Downtempo, Trip-hop and Ambient music. More recently, he has been exploring the synths territories producing and playing Synthpop, Synthwave & Indie dance music.

Since the early stages of her career, Marie-Lou Desage has always cherished the idea of remaining an eclectic and curious artist and singer. The large scope of her collaborations (from theatre, to drawing and music), her travels, the musicians and composers with whom she has worked are but a proof of her need for diversity and intensity.

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