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Out now: Friday Night Firefight - Silhouettes (Aztec Records)

Silhouettes is yet another killer tune that mixes observations of regular life with catchy hooks and a huge chorus. A tale of urban abandonment to the hedonistic escapism that helps us go through life, where everyone seems like mere shadows in a rainy night that passes by while we drive through the city. A high gloss, high impact monster of a single that could sit shoulder to shoulder with chart topping outputs from the likes of The 1975 or Chvrches.

In the era of playlists, short attention span and the apparent 'death of the album', Sam Ray, the man behind Friday Night Firefight, drip-feeds one song at the time, to allow time to enjoy each serving on its own. The accumulative force of these 'singles' seem to be building up to what we expect will form a full length incredible debut album this coming winter. An impressive body of work that keeps promising and somehow, manages not only to deliver every time, but to surpass any expectations.

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