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This electro-pop trio delivers a moody and flamboyant debut EP 'A Deep Blue Swimming Pool'. Somewhere between northern lights and southern palm trees, that's where Wet Sunset comes from. Citing influences as varied as Chromatics, FKA Twigs or Fever Ray, the Franco-Swedish trio created an intense and shiny soundscape yet deep and full of nuances, a contrast between the brightness of the northern light and the soft caress of a southern sunset. A very promising debut for the avantgarde trio.

The second collaboration on Aztec Records between Italian producer Fulvio Colasanto and American singer Christina Siravo, finds them exploring the themes started with Psycho Beat but going deeper into the horror storytelling of HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. Starting with the sound of crows' caws, Fulvio's understated but highly effective production surrounds Christina's unmistakeable belting notes like the shadow of Nosferatus. A captivating Pop/Disco Horror.

The second single on Aztec Records from Spanish synth duo Oblique finds them in a more upbeat mood than the previous offering Black Heart. Like a tantric chant, the song's groovy drums and bell-like, staccato patterns come together in an infectious monster of a single. You will be charmed and spellbound on first listen.

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