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13 Nov 2020 - Cymatica - Hours

Hours is the debut single by Welsh-Canadian duo Cymatica on Aztec Records. A sample of the unique songwriting and production that will unravel with two more singles and their debut EP in the coming months.

The understated production, simple in appearance but that reveals hidden gems on repeated listenings, carries a classic chart topping 80s sound reminiscent of Pat Leonard's True Blue.

The delicate but poignant vocals reminiscent of a young Kim Wilde or even fellow British act Chvrches, have a very personal and original tone. Carrying the song with no artificialities. This is what the band has to say about 'Hours'

'The song is about following your own path in life. For much of the world right now, lives are on pause and it feels like time is being taken away. As daunting as this can be, continue to live your truth.'

Time flies, but Cymatica has arrived to stay.

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