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03 Jan 2021 - LAU - The Cards

The Cards’ is the latest output of rising Synthwave/Retrowave star LAU. The singer/producer and songwriter has been feeding her growing fanbase one single at the time and has teamed up once more with French Producer Ends 84 in anticipation of her debut album in early 2021. 

Like a stream of consciousness, the lyrics of ‘The Cards’ reflect on the philosophical meaning of one’s life events. Like an ever present truth that only time reveals to be, the song's ear-candy arrangements and subtleties gently make a mark on the listener. 

Like a true story teller, LAU has taken us in a journey of healing and transformation. ‘The Cards’ is the light at the end of the tunnel that we were all waiting for. An honest and hopeful Synthpop masterpiece.

Click here to pre-save 'The Cards'.

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