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16 Jan 2021 - KEiiNO - Monument

Since their debut in January 2019, KEiiNO has achieved more than most fresh bands. The platinum-awarded trio is nominated for Song of the Year at the Norwegian Grammys (28.03.20), they've won 4 Scandipop-awards, made it to #1 on the Norwegian sales-charts and reached #2 on Spotify’s Gloabal Viral Chart.  Popjustice even ranked their debut-single “Spirit in the Sky” the third best song of 2019.

Left up to the 200 million TV-viewers of Eurovision, KEiiNO would have won the contest in 2019 (Ranked #6). Their mix of uplifting dance-pop, nordic folk, and joik, combined with traditional Sámi elements, has reached a broad audience beyond their nordic beginnings. Their debut-song charted well across Europe, and was #10 on the Global iTunes Charts. Perhaps not surprising, as the public in eight countries including the UK, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands had KEiiNO on top in the ESC.

This year they want to represent Norway again in the ESC 2021 with this superb new song called "Monument"! Let's hope the Norwegian public will vote for them en masse and send them of to Rotterdam for the 2021 edition of the ESC!

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