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"A.I." is a beautiful collaboration between Laura Dre and Lo-Fi artist Muehle, who creates piano-driven "Japan vibes" with his music. Its edgy sound has futuristic nuances of Tokyo nightlife, coupled with inspiring lyrics about freedom.

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27 Oct 2022 - FĒNIX - Alive

FĒNIX is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Darragh O’Connor. Describing his sound as “big beats and sexy synths”, FĒNIX leans heavily on Synthwave and 80s vibes to create melody-driven alt-pop.

To get ‘Alive’ over the line FĒNIX, turned to a familiar face in gold-certified producer Ross Fortune (Ed Sheeran, Burna Boy, A$AP Rocky, Ellie Goulding, Zara Larsson).

“I worked with Ross before when recording with Exiles, and we immediately clicked. He completely gets the sound I’m looking for, so I was really happy to be able to work with him again, especially knowing how in-demand he is. He really managed to squeeze that last few percent out of the song and I’m so happy with how it turned out.”

Having signed with UK-based Aztec Records, and with a string of singles, collaborations, and remixes on the horizon, FĒNIX is ready to rise and rise again.

FĒNIX debut single ‘Alive’ is released on 27th October on all streaming platforms via Aztec Records.


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electronic indietronica synth synthpop synthwave

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26 Oct 2022 - Francci - WANNABE

WANNABE is a song about selfcare, self knowledge, anxiety, fear and also about what human is meant to be such for someone, as for him/herself. Francci says about the song ‘Me and my friend wrote this song while we were trying to figure out what we were at that time (I guess we are still trying to figure it out). The main reason we created this song was to make ourselves less worried about ''today''.

The main inspiration for the second single on Aztec Records was Prince’s timeless classic ''Kiss'', particularly on the beats and guitars, with some Michael Jackson's ''Bad'' thrown in for good measure on the drums and synths. The result is a song that sounds simultaneously current and vintage without losing its freshness.

alternative pop rnb synthpop synthwave

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Infinite Blue is the second studio album by Maxx Parker, the follow up to the 2021 album Outsider that featured collaborations with GeoVoc, Thought Beings, LAU, Young Empress, Natalie Gray and Syst3m Glitch. Infinite Blue however is a soothing, instrumental album and Maxx Parker has done all of the production, mixing and mastering himself.

Infinite Blue features the singles Earth Or Water, Palindrome, Perfect StormTurquoise, Tidal Wave that have all been released in September - October 2022.

#80s #electronic #dreamwave #outrun #synthwave #vaporwave

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Releasing her latest single “Neighbour’s Door”, Alessandra Boldrini delivers a bold and refreshing take on pop music. The release is a striking blend of songwriting, rhythm, euphoria, and a wave of emotions. The pop track contains every element to get listeners hooked, reminiscing, and ultimately motivated. Boldrini’s voice delivers light that will hypnotise listeners.

Neighbour’s Door” contains impactful lyricism that will hook the listener, due to the captivating story-telling and realness. Alessandra Boldrini takes listeners on a tale of a failed love to which many will be able to relate. The track’s composition and melodic elements give the vocal an intimate, personal feeling.

Alessandra Boldrini maintains a fully charged arsenal of high-quality music, supporting the fact that she is set to make a prominent impact on the music industry and the charts. Undoubtedly, this song is a testament to the innate talent and what is to come. “Neighbour’s Door” will be available on all digital streaming platforms on October 21st.

℗ 2022 Aztec Music Publishing
© 2022 Aztec Records Ltd

#pop #dancepop #synthpop

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